Thursday, July 24, 2014

Final Pieces for the Tohono Chul Show

Well, I am finally finished with the pieces for the show. It has been quite a busy summer! In addition to those paintings, I needed to work on some things for the Tucson Audubon Birding Festival. August 13-17th. The opening for Tohono Chul is August 15th. If you are in Tucson I hope to see you there! It starts at 5:30 PM.

I added some more of the abstract types. They were lots of fun to work on and came out nice and colorful. 

I hope to see you either at the Tucson Audubon Show or at Tohono Chul's opening. If you cannot make it to Tohono Chul on the 15th, the show will be up until early November. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Preview of my Hatchfund Project

Due to the funding I received from the New Mexico Arts Commission, I am obligated to show my artwork for the New Mexico public. So now I have an exhibit containing MOST of my Hatchfund Project pieces at the East Mountain Library, One Old Tijeras Road, Tijeras, NM. 

Although I couldn't show the whole thing, due to the fact that whole thing isn't finished, most of the body of work is in place. I am glad that I got to see everything hanging together, it gave me a chance to really get a feel for the pieces as a whole. 

Immediately, I realized that I needed to add even more abstract pieces to make the show complete. So currently I am working on four abstracts.

I really appreciate this opportunity to show my work off locally, so thank you to the East Mountain Library!!

Now, it is off to the studio to finish this body of work. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Almost Finished with Project!

I still have two pieces to finish but here are some more paintings for the Project and upcoming show at Tohono Chul. 

 I decided to paint a creepy crawly, the Tarantula. The Pyrrhuloxias are the last of the 24" square pieces.

 The Ringtail, one of my favorite mammals, was fun to paint. 

These four 12" squares are the last of that size. They look so cute together, don't they?
I have two large pieces left to finish now and then I will be completely finished. Then I need to create a few pieces for the Tucson Audubon Bird Festival. The festival is the same weekend as my opening at Tohono Chul! It will be a wild weekend, for sure!

Friday, June 13, 2014

More finished pieces for the show in August

It has been non stop painting in my studio as I continue to get my pieces ready for the show. I need to be finished with all of them by the end of July so time is running out! I have about 6 more pieces to go and most are small so that is great thing. 

I am having lots of fun working on these, but I will be ready for a break afterwards, that is certain. 
I hope that those of you who are in AZ will be able to pop into Tucson for the opening. August 15th from 5:30pm - 7:30pm. The show runs from August 15-November 9, 2014, for those of you who cannot make it for the opening. It will be held at the Tohono Chul  Park in Tucson, AZ. I will post one more set of images before the show...See you there!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Busily working on pieces for the Tohono Chul Show in August

As I mentioned, I would only post the images of the pieces that I have finished for the Tohono Chul Show here. I have been working diligently on my body of work. I have managed to complete 11 paintings for the show. 
I have cleared my schedule as best I could for the next two months so that I have time to finish the work. My deadline is the end of July. 
I am thoroughly enjoying using bright colors and molding pastes in some of these pieces. I really look forward to the abstract pieces like this snake above. Those are going to be more fun for me so I am saving them for last. 

I am trying very hard to create pieces that will work well together. There is a lot more thought and planning that goes into creating a whole body of work, as opposed to individual paintings. It is a challenge and quite fun. 

Last weekend was the Verde Valley Nature and Birding Festival. I didn't do all that well at this show. But this is why I am going so many shows, to determine which are the best for me to attend. I am hoping that I will get into the Rio Grande Birding Festival, even though it happens at my busiest time of year, November!
Its back to the studio for me. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Thanks to my donors! I have exceeded my goal!

Wow! I exceeded the goal for my Hatchfund Project in under 24 hours! Thanks to the very generous donations made by lifelong friends, family, new clients and even a few that I haven't seen in years,  my project made $3425. This means that all of my materials for the Tohono Chul show will be paid for, and I will have  the funds to take a trip to the Sonoran Desert for research and inspiration! This project will be taking up a lot of my time during the months of May, June, and July. So I will refrain from doing any shows during this period. Unless for some reason I am able to create more than I expect, at a faster rate. 
This month, however, I am attending the Verde Valley Bird and Nature Festival. This begins on the 24th of April and runs that weekend through Sunday. If you are a Phoenix client, or someone who lives in the Sedona, Flagstaff, Prescott areas, I sure hope that you can pop over and see me! I haven't done this show before and look forward to it. 
I will have my new product, 9 bird Aprons, available, along with a brand new product. Prints of my bird heads, matted, ready for framing. I will also have minis, original artworks ranging from $65-$275 (very affordable!)
Here is a sneak peak...

 Meanwhile, I plan to be creating new pieces for the WEEMS show that is coming in November. I will only post my pieces for the Tohono Chul show here, so be sure and check back to take a peak at what I am doing for my Hatchfund Project!

Lastly, I created another piece for the Home on the Range Gift Shop at the Range Cafe in Bernalillo. 

So if you are planning to dine there, look for it. I call it "Jack's Snack". 
Happy Spring and thanks for checking out my blog! See you next time!

Monday, March 24, 2014

NEW! Hatchfund Project Launch!

As of March 24th I have launched my new Hatchfund Project. I have been asked by the Tohono Chul Park in Tucson, Arizona to show 24 pieces of work in the Welcome Gallery from August - November 2014. There will an open artist reception on August 15th beginning at 5:30 PM. The title of the body of work is Celebrate Our Sonoran Desert Wildlife.
I will be mixing my two styles of work of this show, layered, textured abstracts with birds/or animals, and my more representational, yet stylized pieces of birds and other critters of the Sonoran Desert, sometimes shown in their native habitats. 
All Donations are Tax Deductible

I am very excited about the project and hope that you can help me out! I thank all of you out there who can donate to the project. I have set aside some fun, colorful, and birdy perks so please go to MY PROJECT to learn more!

Thank you!!!